the Benedictine court of Correzzola is located a short distance from the same-named centre. The huge building has been since 1500 operations center for the territory transformation started by the monks of St. Giustina.

It was built next to the bank of the Bacchiglione, a perfect location for the communication with Padua and Chioggia. The court was made of several buildings  in which lived the people that assured the good governance of the property (artisans, farmers, blacksmiths…).

In fact here there were the warehouses, the barns and the workshops to carry out some activities required in order to operate the complicated structure. There were also bread ovens, cellar for the firewater distillation, weaving factory, stables, wells, orchards and gardens. The central part of the building, almost leaned on the banks of the Bacchiglione and with a long covered walk, is closed in the western part by the guesthouse, the monks’ living quarters and by the concealment.

South we can see the Vanezza Grande of Correzzola. It was built in 1570 as cowshed and represents a statement divided by fifteen well-positioned arches  surrounded by two lateral symmetrical parts. The pilaster strips lighten the support pillars, in honor of the taste from the period of apply to the columns features based on art from the classical ages (in Padua area we have other examples but they’re not as known as this one).

Benedictine court of Correzzola: interesting facts

The huge building hosts even today several spaces for several activities. It hosts the council offices of the municipality of Correzzola, the public library and a hotel.

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