“Paradiso” museum based in dome of Piove di Sacco exhibits attractive pieces like the altar-piece of St. Francis of Paola by Giambattista Tiepolo. There are also valuable reliquaries, the fresco of Dormitio Virginis and the structure with the precession of the blessed sacrament by Andrea Michieli, called “Il Vicentino” (Vicenza 1542 – Venice 1618). Here are exposed also several altar-pieces, furnishings and holy vessels. All this inside a museum itinerary from the Dome through the 19th-century sacristy and the “Paradiso” (which gives the name to the museum and used to be meeting point for children and place for reunions), until the oratory (chiesuola) born on the basements of the Church of St. Mary of penitents. It’s a dynamic museum that will provide an expansion of the exhibitions spaces.

Paradiso museum: strongly desired by Saccisica.

It was strongly desired by the parish of Piove di Sacco’s Dome and the parish unit. Diocesan museum of Padua designed the project that represents a kind of completion of the territory  and together with other art-historical sites forms an “ecclesiastic diffused museum”. The project has the support of Padua and was sponsored by: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, Veneto Region, municipality of Piove di Sacco, Banca Patavina – Credito Cooperativo di Sant’Elena di Piove di Sacco, SM – Alessandra Miotto onlus and Associazione amici del Gradenigo – Piove di Sacco. The museum has also the support of Piove Amica and Consorzio Pro Loco Padova Sud Est.

What you can find at Paradiso museum in Piove di Sacco

Paradiso museum was born because of the large number of artistic works of Church property in Piove di Sacco, some stored in Dome and others from the surroundings. Here you can find an amazing artistic heritage: remains of mosaic floor from the first dome, the fresco showing the Dormitio Virginis, a polyptych by Paolo da Venezia, the 14th-century reliquary of the crucifix, the Virgin with Child by Jacopo da Valenza, the altar-piece with bishop St. Martin by Giovan Pietro Silvio and the altar-piece of St. Francis of Paola by Giambattista Tiepolo.

But at the beginning of the gallery, visitors can see the canvas dated to 1701 showing the chapter of the rectory of St. Martin’s collegiate church. While upstairs there’s another unicum: the big canvas depicting the procession of the blessed sacrament in Piove di Sacco (dated early 600s). These are masterpieces that descibe the landscape and make alive sites that partly survived such as the monastery of St. Vito and Modesto or placese which no longer exist like the convent of the conception or the angels monastery.

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