Priuli Ballan palace is located just outside the centre of Piove di Sacco, on the way to Arzerello. It was first documented in 1518 in a cadastres reporting, in which Alvise Priuli is mentioned as owner of a two-story building (as well as the ground floor).

Priuli palace: the building

The housing development consists of a main body, two lateral barns, an oratory, a garden and remains of a front  exedra. The main building is quadrangular and develops on three floors. The structure is the tipical venetian villas one, composed of an open hall where there are simmetric doors and a monumental staircase which takes to the noble floor.

In front of the palace, along the public road there are the remains of the exedra that used to be part of the building, but now is just a niche with a statue of Ercole. Now this piece isn’t as decorated as it used to be and seems detached from the garden behind the villa which whatever still has six statues on original stands. These statues, coupled by twos, represented the access to the three avenues that drove to the italian garden.

The two lateral barns seem two wings indipendent from the main body. These develop on three floors. The facades standing on the villa are divided by seven stone arches, while the arches facing the public road, are decorated on the keystone with masks and seals.

Priuli palace: the oratory

The oratory consacrated in 1713 and devoted to Madonna della Salute, St Andrew and St Elizabeth and Elena, is located in the north-barn and has an entrance facing the public road. It has both inside and outside almost preserving forms. Inside there’s still the demarcation that used to divide the space for owners and the one for servants. The main element is the baroque altar inlaid with polychrome marble. In Krk (Croatia) inside the cathedral devoted to the Virgin Mary, there is a similar altar.

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